Internship in Vietnam

FNF at Deutschlandfest in Hanoi
The Friedrich Naumann Foundation at a "Deutschlandfest" in HanoiFriedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit

The office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Hanoi, Vietnam is open for internships of graduated or undergraduated students. Over the years we have been fortunate to have had highly driven interns help us at the foundation. You can support us in every part of our work on site.

Applicants have to meet certain requirements: 

  • study at a German University (graduate or undergraduate)
  • the internship must be a mandatory by your university
  • be able to work for at least 8 weeks with us
  • have an adequate knowledge of German and English language
  • be interested in liberal politics in general
  • be interested in history, politics, economy and culture of Vietnam

What we offer:

  • the possibility to work in one of the most fascinating cities of South East Asia
  • get a real insight how we and our Vietnamese partners develop and support free market economy in Vietnam and focus on civil rights activities
  • organise a working plan according to your personal interests
  • The internship is unpaid. If you are not a fellow of other foundations you can apply for a support. You can ask us for more information about this support.

Coming to and living in Hanoi:

Furthermore, we will support you as good as we can to make sure you will have a comfortable time in Vietnam. We will help you with organizing your visa, too.

Our office is located at Tay Ho District in Hanoi. With a lot of western organisations, restaurants and embassies this District will make it easy for you to settle down. If you need any help with searching for an apartment we are willing to help you.

How to apply:

If you’re interested in exploring your skills and strengths with us, please send us your CV, a motivation letter, a confirmation of mandatory internship and a list of your grades and taken courses at university to:

   Our e-mail:

Your CV, the motivation letter and the list should be in the English or German language. Please also tell us the period of time you want to stay with us. We would like to get all documents in one PDF File at least 3 months before the internship should start.


Former Interns:

Julian Feider

Julian Feider


Name: Julian Feider

Year of Birth: 1994

Study and University: History and Journalism, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany

Time at FNF Hanoi: October - December 2017

Subject/Topic: Communication and Journalism in Vietnam


Alessio Giustolisi


Name: Alessio Giustolisi

Year of Birth: 1990

Study and University: Economic and Geography, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Time at FNF Hanoi: Juni - August 2017

Subject/Topic: Vietnam's economic development

Nguyen To Linh


Name: Nguyen To Linh

Year of Birth: 1994

Study and University: Human Geography, Goethe University Frankfurt

Time at FNF Hanoi: September - November 2016

Subject/Topic: "Die Nachhaltigkeit des Startup-Ökosystems in Vietnam - Die Entwicklung vietnamesischer Startup-Unternehmen unter Berücksichtigung der Asean Economic Community"

Dung Thach Thi


Name: Dung Thach Thi

Year of Birth: 1994

Study and University: Business Law, University of Technology Dresden, Germany

Time at FNF Hanoi: June - August 2016

Subject/Topic: "Die Richtlinien des deutschen und europäischen Wettbewerbsrechts als Leitlinie für die Förderung der Martwirtschaft in Vietnam"

Caroline Thieser

Caroline Thieser


Name: Caroline Thieser

Year of Birth: 1991

Study and University: International Cultural and Business Studies, University of Passau, Germany

Time at FNF Hanoi: November 2015 - January 2016

Subject/Topic: "Online shopping in Vietnam - problems, solution and approaches and potential"

Noemi Hehl

Noemi Hehl


Name: Noemi Hehl

Year of Birth: 1995

Study and University: Teaching Degree (English/ Geography), Augsburg University, Germany

Time at FNF Hanoi: August - October 2015



Felix Lennart Hake


Name: Felix Lennart Hake

Year of Birth: 1995

Study and University: Sociology, Politics and Economy, Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen, Germany and SciencesPo Paris

Time at FNF Hanoi: Juni - August 2015

Subject/Topic: Public Relations & Strategic Communication

Tom Cachet

Tom Cachet


Name: Tom Cachet

Year of Birth: 1991

Study and University: Law, Law School at University of Leuven, Belgium

Time at FNF Hanoi: October - December 2014

Subject/Topic: Development of Vietnam's market economy since the WTO accession